A National Community of Investors

The Renatus 10,000+ Member Community can be viewed as a large interactive web of community of investor/students to connect with. The size and structure of groups varies from local groups like our Rowe Team out of Chicago with over 300 members, to smaller study groups and those operating within various forums such as online webinars. The focus or intentions of each varies across a wide range of topics based on the investors require. Many groups are there to provide ongoing support and networking for Real Estate investing as a single entity or as a Joint Venture.




Communication systems are state of the art to facilitate the needs of the members. Renatus students have direct access to our practicing real estate instructors. You don’t get a 1-800 number to talk to customer service with Renatus. You get access to an interactive live network of successful practicing real estate investing mentors and instructors. Daily webinars, team calls, “real deal” real estate tours, weekly founders conference calls, regional to annual national conferences, weekly team meetings and a twice monthly training from successful full-time real estate investors are just part of the training Renatus provides its students.