Christian George

Christian George is the newest of the amazing Renatus Instructors. As a business proprietor and seasoned escrow officer, he adds an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge to the Renatus Education. Christian is the owner operator of a fine eatery and Ogden, Utah staple, the Prairie Schooner. As a business owner and seasoned escrow officer he has learned the benefits of entrepreneurialism. In sharing his knowledge it becomes clear that his point of view revolves around his experiences and is supported by his knowledge. Christian’s class is the newest in the Renatus Line-Up, Title, Escrow & Closing. This class encompasses what happens before, at and after the closing table. This class is dedicated to walking through the entire scope of an escrow officer and sheds light onto the laws and regulations that guide every real estate transaction.

Get to know Christian a little better by watching his video here.