Darren Davis

Davis is a tenured investor. He tag-team teaches the following classes: Private/Hard Money, Fix and Flip day 1 and Fix and Flip day 2. He and his partner Kendall Stock have been full-time Real Estate investors since 2008.

Earlier in his life, Darren got a job as a paint pump mechanic. As soon as he started working, he started planning to retire. Knowing that there would be years between the start and end date of his job, he started to get educated about Real Estate.

As is often a great motivator, Darren was let go from his job. He took the knowledge he had gained and started to look for investment opportunities. He found Real Estate investing intimidating. It was at this point that he was introduced to the Renatus Community.

Armed with knowledge, a community and now a partner, Darren dove head first into Real Estate investing. He has since closed 83 deals, creating a net profit of more than 1.9 Million dollars.

He is now honored to give back to the same community that enabled him to start investing.