Ryan Bloxham

Ryan Bloxham has been investing in real estate for nearly 14 years. Born and raised in Southern Idaho, he’s always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and recognizes the extreme importance of education. After attending Brigham Young University, he worked in several different areas before discovering his passion in real estate investing. Ryan had the good fortune of working with amazing mentors who taught him the ins and outs of both real estate investing and business. As Ryan says, “I have had the pleasure of being mentored by some of the greatest minds in the various areas of real estate that I currently work in. If I can help others achieve their goals by acting as a mentor to them, I know of no greater accomplishment than helping others find success.”

Ryan and his wife began working as a team consulting real estate investors over nine years ago. He specializes in foreclosure auctions, fix and flips, and wholesaling. His expansive experience includes working with and holding properties in multiple states across the country.

Utilizing his years of investing experience, Ryan brings to his role with Renatus both a real-world view on real estate investing and much excitement about sharing his knowledge with the Renatus Community. He says, “Coming from the ‘school of hard knocks,’ I bring my ‘learning experiences’ to the table, sharing first-hand knowledge to help students potentially avoid the same mistakes I have made…The opportunity my wife and I have had to change our lives and the lives of our children through real estate investing, and now having the ability to share that opportunity with others, is very fulfilling to us.”

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Melissa, and their four boys. He also loves to travel, camp, and having spent the past couple of years training as a tri-athlete, most weekends you will find him at a triathlon.